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Broccoli seeds:
Name:Great Green-Broccoli seeds
Great Green: medium-late maturing variety for spring and autumn, autumn and winter! Features:
1, It can be harvested in 85-90 days after fix planting;
2, easy to cultivating, vigorous growth, semi-erect, more wax powder, few lateral branches, compact internodes;
3, moderate sized plant, semi-spherical ball, small and close buds, dark green color, tidy and uniformed curd;
4, good cold tolerance and resistant to diseases, wide adaptability.

Name:Fast Harvest-Broccoli seeds
Outstanding curd, good marketability, early variety! Features:
1, early maturing variety, it can be harvested in about 60-65 days after fix planting;
2, deep green color, dense buds, resistant to transporting;
3, small buds, good marketability;
4, strong disease resistance, easy to cultivating. 。

Name:Heart-Broccoli seeds
1, excellent high dome-shaped curd, suitable for summer cultivation in high cool fields;
2, good holding in the field, excellent product quality after harvesting;
3, vigorous growth, semi-erect plant, more wax powder, long squid, less lateral branches, it can be harvested in 70-75 days after fix planting;
4, dark blue color, delicate buds, bulbs have no hollow.


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