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Pepper seeds
Name:Red Dragon 1

hot, good marketability;strong disease resistance (virus), few short fruit after metaphase;big fruit, fresh fruit is deep green,and dry fruit is red;each fruit is about 15cm in length, 1.8cm in diameter;long shelf time,good marketability.

Name:Saint Red One

medium-late maturing variety, high uniformity, good color;the air Cluster fruits grow toward the sky, 6-7 fruits per cluster, the fruit is 5-6 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter, each fruit weighs about 3-4 g;strong fructification ability;the yield per mu is 350-450kg;strong piquant type, tall plants, resistant to mosaic virus;dual-use variety with dried and fresh usage.

Name:Sweet pepper 1

the fruit-shaped appearance, short large square fruit, fruit-11 × 11cm;fruit color is green, fruit thick meat, fruit weighs about 350-700g;resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, disease resistance, winter and spring protection and cultivation;3000 plants per mu in protection,4000 plants per mu in cultivation.

Name:Red Dragon 2

Hybrid seeds from Korea;shiny dried peppers, smoothly surface each fruit weighs about 3.5-4g,the fruit is about 12-16cm in length, 2.8-3.5cm in diameter;the yield per mu is 300-400kg;



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